February Letter from Frank

We have had a January without snow (when will we use those built-in snow days!) that has been extremely busy for teachers and students at the end of the semester. Seniors and their advisors have worked at frenetic paces to complete college applications, submit transcripts and carefully crafted letters of recommendation. While most advisors contribute a share of this support, there are a few who, combined, have submitted over 800 letters of recommendation to colleges. Thank you particularly to Randy McKnight, Elly Kluge, Jim Egenrider, Ellen Kurcis, Theresa Flynn, Sally Moss, Carol Clark, Mark Dodge, Steve Garman, Kelli DuBose, and Mignon Kery. Marianne Leverton does a tremendous amount of behind-the-scenes work with transcripts, advice and keeping a database on applications and acceptances. Jessica Maier supports seniors and their families with advice about SATs, financial aid, and college search and decision options. It is a team effort and a remarkable oneespecially for a few advisors on their own who send nearly 200 letters each for seniors. We expect our seniors to do well with admissions and selection, as they have in the past. It is a credit to the seniors, their teachers, their Teacher Advisors, and of course their parents. On January 24 we had our first night Town Meeting (and potluck dinner) in many years. The meeting was attended by 90 students and parents, and included discussion on Internet safety, 8:20 classes, and final exams. One motion was passed, approving three outside teachers for the 3rd quarter. If the interest is there, we will have another night TM this springthe PAC can determine this. The complete minutes are in the TM section of the HBW webpage. By the time you receive this newsletter your student will be well into the course selection process for 2006-2007. This is not schedulingwhich happens in May. During the first two weeks of February students receive materials to devise an Academic Plan for the next 3-years (you will receive a copy of the Acdemic Plan in the mail). In addition, students will bring home a 2006-2007 HBW Program of Studies and a Course Request Form. You will be asked to review your student's course selections and sign the form. Your student will return it to their TA by February 10. With the data we get from student requests, we can then begin the teacher allocation process. More on that next month!