The newsletter of the H-B Woodlawn Alumni Association
Volume 1, Issue 1, Summer 1997


by Adrian Ray Stewart ('88)
It took 26 years, but H-B Woodlawn now has an official Alumni Association!
I wish I could say that the creation of this organization and the production of this newsletter took months of dedicated work by dozens of committed alumni, but that wouldn't be the truth.
The truth is, it's been a piece of cake.
That's due, in large part, to the support provided by Ray Anderson and the H-B Woodlawn staff. The school provides this Association with a mailing address (4100 Vacation Lane, Arlington, VA 22207), a bank account (for all those tax-deductible donations to the Scholarship Fund), and photocopying, mailing and administrative services (for the production of this newsletter).
For that (and a quarter century of dedicated and innovative service to Arlington County), we thank the school.


The glib answer is "Why not?" We all get enough junk mail in our mailbox already, so why not add something interesting (perhaps even compelling) to the mix?
But there are serious reasons to have an alumni association as well.
Our primary reason for existing is to keep track of alumni. In this department, we have our work cut out for us. This newsletter is read by perhaps 300 H-B alumni, while Ray Anderson estimates that there are perhaps as many as 1,800 total alumni out there.
With that in mind, I hope that you put this newsletter down immediately, go find your address book and fill out the survey form in this newsletter. Just mail them to the school ATTN: Jodee - H-B Woodlawn Alumni Addresses enclosed.
You can also email address updates (yours or others) to jmayeux@pen.k12.va.us (Judy Mayeux).
This association can also help organize Class Reunions.
Any alumna or alumnus interested in organizing a Reunion can request a list of their fellow classmates addresses. We can also offer space in Junk Mail, as we are doing for the Class of 1986's 12th Reunion next summer (see REUNION'S, p. 3)
I look back on my six years at H-B as a unique experience, and one I that would not trade for anything. I'm sure many of you feel the same way. With that in mind, contributing to the school in a tangible way is the next logical step.
Hence, the Scholarship Fund. We are currently raising funds for an Alumni Scholarship, to be awarded to a 1998 Senior at next year's graduation.
Elsewhere in this newsletter is an advertisement for our "H-B Woodlawn" window decals. They are on sale for $5, with all profits to benefit the Scholarship Fund.
This Alumni Association is organized with H-B as a model. That means your input is not only welcome, but is vital to the process.
So please send in articles, updates, diary entries, whatever. We need to hear from you.
With regards to the Alumni Scholarship, we need input, particularly with the selection process.
What should be the criteria for awarding the scholarship? An essay contest? The best academic record? The best athletic record? Or, how about several scholarships of smaller monetary value to recognize special aptitude in the arts or in science?
With enough responses from you, we can present a "Town Meeting Ballot" in the next Junk Mail for you to vote in January.
Adrian Ray Stewart